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We now have access to high quality hot key life insurance leads.


Hot-Key Life Insurance Leads

Our Hot-Key life insurance leads are extremely well received by our existing clients and represent true value for money with some advisers reporting excellent conversion rates.

These leads are available for a flat fee across all locations, budgets or existing monthly premium.

Hot Keys Leads - £45 each

In addition to the information gathered about each individual (see above):

1. Client must be between 25 and 70
2. Client must be a UK resident
3. Client must have a valid UK bank account
4. Client should not be waiting for medical investigations or tests

Minimum order - 10 leads

SEND ENQUIRY - and we'll give you a call to discuss how many you want.

Why are the leads so good?

Every Hot-Key life insurance lead is pre-qualified and the client is expecting to talk to an adviser about life insurance.

These life insurance leads are generated via telemarketing and are fully FCA compliant.

All the leads are fresh, exclusive & real time and the reported conversion rate is anything between 20% - 50% depending upon the sales approach.

We are confident you will keep coming back for more.

The steps that are followed to generate these leads are as follows:

1/ First call is a survey to determine if the customer has a policy or not & if they are interested in a review/free quote.
2/ A second call is then made by another team who collect all the relevant info & qualify the lead - At this point the client is advised that they will get another call from an adviser within about 30 minutes (unless they want a call at another time).
3/ The lead is then sent to your sales team via email (delivered at a rate that suits you).

Information collected includes:

• Full name
• Address
• Postcode
• Smoker Status
• If the client is waiting for any medical reviews, follow ups or test results.
• Current premium/ Budget (whichever's applicable)
• Amount of existing/ required cover
• Current/ required term
• Reason for cover

If the client is waiting for a medical procedure, test or investigation the lead will not be passed to you. It will be scheduled for contact at a later date and if they are then able to proceed the enquiry becomes a lead.

In addition to asking if the clients have an existing medical condition we try to filter out clients with severe illnesses or a history thereof.

Before you commit to buying any of these high quality life insurance leads we encourage you to talk to a member of the team who can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

So get in touch today and someone will give you a call to talk things through.

We are confident you will keep coming back for more of our Hot Key life insurance leads.

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